The importance of good user experience (UX) in website design, and why you should care?

What is user experience… Is it a website design which plays a vital role in the success, and most critical aspect of web marketing?

User experience is important because connects your users with your products or services, fullfilling your clients’ needs and achieves your goals. It aims to provide positive experience that will keep user loyal to your product or brand. The UX helps you create a product or service that is useful, comprehensive and increase audience engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Great UX design is important; it’s what makes market leaders.

UX Design increases Conversion Rates

There are lots of websites offering similar or the same product or service, and customers often choose the one with easy and attractive user experience. Your website is often the first interaction a customer has with your business, and the average internet user spends less than 12 seconds on a new website. As a result, they will judge your company in the first few seconds, before learning anything more about you.

An effective UX moves your users to their destination in the most efficient way. Prioritizing UX encourages customers to go forward with their intent to purchase. Therefore, getting into partnership with a professional UX design agency is very important to grow your business with higher conversion rates.

UX design process

UX Enhances Customer Trust and Loyalty

Positive user experience is synonymous with customer experience. This statement means that the higher the level that your product offers user experience, the more likely your customers will be inclined to use your products. A bad UX pushes your customers into the welcoming arms of your competitors. If you provide your users with a smooth journey, they’re much more likely to end up buying your products.

Good UX strengthens brand loyalty. Providing seamless interaction with a site promotes strong user activation. As customers explore your website more fully, your brand starts to form long-standing relationships.

Reduce Cost and Save Time

Although UX design is not a free service by any means but is still considerably cheaper than fixing usability issues while your product is on the market. If you launch your product with an effective experience for users, you can save a significant amount of time and money.

A positive user experience creates long-lasting relationships with users who not only want to buy your service but promote it, for instance, by recommending your product on social networks. Word-of-mouth referrals are free, saving you money on marketing.

UX Design Boosts SEO Rankings

Desire of every business is to be on the top of Google search results. Google strives to deliver the best search satisfaction, and the ranking of your website depends on their policies. Search engines are extremely sensitive to UX-quotient. Google shows a preference for sites that provide excellent user experience.

An effective UX design supports your SEO and increases your rankings on search engines. Besides, the importance of visual design in user experience should be also taken into consideration because you need to keep the visitors on your website to learn more about you and your products.

Creating design for smartphone users

The positive ROI of Great UX

There’s more that comes with a good UX than just increased conversion rates. One of the biggest advantages you can enjoy is improved return on investment. Research has shown that companies that invest in UX see a lower cost of customer retention, and increased market share. Based on research it estimates that every dollar invested in UX brings 100 dollars in return, and that is just a beginning. 

The UX Stand out from the crowd

Any idea can be a matter of business solution. Sometimes your startup doesn’t need to be innovative. You can simply take a usual idea and convey it differently. Just find some basic needs and provide a satisfying UX to appeal to users and be well-liked.

While the user is your number one priority, an important skill is the ability to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Not only is this a way to ensure your clients are satisfied, but removing yourself from the task at hand can be a great way to challenge the status quo and keep things fresh.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing with UX

It’s human nature to want to discuss our experiences with those around us. People are eager to discuss positive customer experiences, which creates brand ambassadors among loyal customers. Whether you like it or not but many users will remember your products and will form an opinion based on the first time that they interacted with it.

Optimizing UX strategy can boost word-of-mouth marketing. As the digital landscape increases communication channels between a business and its customers, social media acts as a sounding board for customer experience. Thus, the worth of a good UX design cannot be stressed enough since it will help your business to grow consistently.


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