What is UI design?

User Interface design is the crucial subset of UX and it represent process deciding how digital product is going to look like. It is a graphical layout of an application, and it is consisted of the buttons users are going to click, the text they will read, images they will see, sliders, entry fields, and all of the items users will interact with. UI designers create the look and feel of digital product by designing every visual element, interaction, or animation.

"People ignore design that ignores people."

Frank Chimero

Why is UI design important?

UI can turn potential visitors into buyers and clients, as it facilitates interactions between the users and your webpage or other digital product.

Using user-friendly aesthetics to increase conversion.
Using user-friendly aesthetics to increase conversion

UI design allows you to create visually aesthetic and functional user interfaces. As an intuitive yet visually appealing interface can optimize both the user experience and the conversion rate, we recommend UI (re-)design in all stages:

  • You are in the initial development phase of your product or company and have neither a design nor a corresponding style guide.
  • Your existing design is outdated – visually or in terms of usability.
  • Your design is inconsistent. Your employees lack uniform rules for creative realization.
  • You already have a finished design, but need help to transfer it to the screen.

How can we help?

  • Our UI designs and redesigns are state-of-the-art solutions that ensure your competitiveness.
  • You receive a style guide that contains clear specifications for designers and developers, enabling easy design expansions.
  • CSS rules can be derived.
  • We develop a set of standard interface elements that you can use again and again — as a building block of your design.
  • A consistent design reflects professionalism and optimizes your branding and trustworthiness.
  • Benefit from UX and conversion-optimized designs that meet both product and target group needs.