Destination masters

Project goal

The goal was to create a website that will represent destination & event management services, but at the same time make the presentation of Serbia travel options and features.

It is important to note that this online presentation is mainly targeting corporate clients.

Detail from development

The main focus was on creating a different Serbia presentation, from an angle of tourism professionals. It had to be very positive, with bright colors, quality content, and beautiful photography. Also, a large amount of content had to be structured in the best possible way, so it is easily reachable and properly linked in between. And on top of that, it had to be the SEO masterpiece.

Because of that, every single page got special care, and the customer journey was tested and carefully crafted. So the final result is a website that in the shortest possible time gives the user all crucial pieces of information and drives him to get in touch with the company.


This project is generally our masterpiece because we perfected it in many aspects. And of course, because the theme is about our country we didn’t lack inspiration.


The position for almost every crucial keyword in Search Engines.


Average page load speed across the globe.


Average yearly growth of visits, leads, and company revenue.


The number of website pages.

Branding everything

Consistent branding throughout the company is very important if you want to be professional and present your qualifications to clients. Of course, for companies like this, there are endless things that need branding. And not just once. If you want to be a leader every few years design refreshing is a must do.

Offer design

When you want to do things right, you have to do everything. Offer design and its structure are of course also very important. You cannot have a great website and poor quality offers you send to clients. Don’t leave the work half way done.

Printed brochure
Printed brochure
Brochure design
Brochure design detail